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Sew inWeaves

When you need a dramatic change to your appearance just add hair.


Hair extensions are the perfect addition to glam up your life. Change your hair color, length or texture without causing damage to your natural hair with proper maintenance and removal.

Full Sew-in

Hair is braided in a customized pattern to become a base for your extensions to be sewn on. Your wefted hair extensions are then sewn onto your braids. Most of your hair is covered by the extensions with an option of minimal leave out. Full Sew-in last 4-8 weeks. Style is usually worn with wispy bangs or long side bangs swept left or right.

Braidless Beaded Row Sew-in

Individual track integration using microlinks. This service require no braids and is the best option for a when you just want to add a little length and fullness but don’t necessarily want all your hair braided up underneath the extensions.

Full sew-in with lace closure 

No natural hair is left out. Lace closure sew in hair weaves usually last 4-6 weeks and may require maintenance after 2-3 weeks.

Full sew-in with lace frontal

Ear to ear artificial hairline integration for versatile styling without having to leave any of your natural hair out. This type of sew-in requires the most maintenance. ​

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