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3 Tips to help move from weave to natural.

by Marissa Robinson of

To the ladies with natural hair who proudly wear hair extensions and aren’t conditioned to wearing their own hair…this post is for you! Undercover naturals is what I like to call them. It is very common to be accustomed to wearing a weave due to the convenience, consistency, and conditioning. I can’t deny that. Waking up “like this” is just so much easier than the surprises natural hair can bring in the morning. Last minute travel plans or a quick curl for that hot date suddenly isn’t so stressful. “I’m “Natural” but I wear weave! It’s just easier, it’s always pretty…” These are things commonly said when you may not really know the vast beauty and power of your own hair. Here are 3 ways to successfully transition from weaves to natural hair.

1.Choose Weave Textured Wisely The first step to getting the best of both worlds is wearing a hair texture closest to your own natural state when wearing extensions. You can experiment with color, products, and styles without compromising your own hair through extensions. Finding an easy regimen for your hair and mastering what it responds best to can be achieved on your exposed hair aka your “leave out”. Once you fully transition you can come back to the products you liked while experimenting with the leave out. There are tons of hair extension companies popping up every day with hair that closely resembles just about every curl pattern and texture that exist. As a Texture Specialist, I spend a lot of time selecting the right extensions for all of my clients, while making sure I take into account density, curl type, and desired coarseness. It’s important that the extensions blend extremely well with their natural hair for an easy transition.

2. Take A Break With Wigs & Explore Your Hair on the Weekends The second option is wearing wigs. To transition from weaves to natural hair effectively, protective styles will also be your best friend and a wig, by far, is one of the most popular. Long gone are the days when wigs were painfully obvious and unrealistic. There’s nothing more convenient during a work week than having a removable option while you’re getting to know your hair on the evenings or weekends. Spend time on your hair when you have time. Rushing the “getting to know your hair” process is less stressful this way. The weekend allows for more time to play around with new styles and completely wash it out if you hate it in the morning.

3. Just Go Cold Turkey!

Thirdly, going cold turkey, taking out the hair extensions and proudly wearing your own hair is the bravest! Seeking a knowledgeable Cosmetologist is crucial if you’re foreign to your own hair. The professional can walk you through an assessment of your hair, how to care for it all while giving you a glimpse of how great it can be! Wearing a smooth blowout is great in the beginning because the hair that hasn’t had much oxygen can breathe off the scalp. Flexi-rods or twists also stretch the natural hair while easily to blending with the hair that was previously exposed. If you are interested in the Wash N Go and your previous “leave out” area from wearing weaves does not blend, add a twist or braid in that area. Or accessorize with a hair comb or jewelry to have some fun! None of these options is anything without the right product so ask your stylist for recommendation.

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