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Dreadlock Journey for Straight and/or Non Afro Hair

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

You too can have amazing dreadlocks even if you don’t have curly or kinky hair. The most common technique that we used to lock hard to lock hair is backcombing and A very small crochet need to pull your strands together.

The techniques used to make dreadlocks for type 1 straight hair or type 2 wavy hair differs slightly from the more common techniques used for type 3 curly hair or type 4 kinky hair.

What this breaks down to is your patience. It will take a little more time to start your dreadlock. This includes your initial appointment and the time it takes for your dreadlocks to mature. While you’re dreadlocks grow and mature, there is a little “nuisance“ period of dealing with straight/loose hairs coming out of the dreads but THATS OK! It’s all apart of your dreadlock journey. On average it can take one year for your dreadlocks to complete lock. Dreadlocks are a commitment and requires maintenance from you and your stylist. It’s up to you to come in for maintenance and palm roll your dread to help them on their way. As time goes by it gets easier and your dreadlocks will mature and be everything you imagine.

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