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About Jazz

Jazz is an award-winning celebrity stylist who starting braiding at the age of 3. Growing up with two older sisters who were hairstylist and other beauty influences hair came natural to Jazz.

Unsatisfied with what the corporate world had to offer she left it all behind to leave her mark on the earth in a more satisfying way. Making people happy and feel good about themselves was much more rewarding than anything else she had ever done. It only took about 50 failed job attempts to take her back to her true passion of being a hairstylist. In 2015 Jazz’d Up Inc was Founded by Jazzmin Austin. The mission is simple, empower people through hair.


 “I took everything I learned about customer satisfaction from my previous jobs and applied those concepts in my business. Being great at doing hair isn’t enough. I want my clients to be happy with the service I provide as well. I never wanted to be a stereotypical black hairstylist. Loud, Unprofessional, Having clients waiting on me for hours, lacking customer service skills etc. I constantly invest time and money into my craft to be the best stylist for my clients. Taking classes to know the best extension techniques, attending industry trade shows, masterminding with other successful hairstylist, and finding the best mentors were all important to me as I continued to grow and build my business.” -Jazz


Today Jazz’d Up Inc collaborates with other hairstylist to continue to empower men and women by providing training, dreadlock, braiding and hair extension service. Inspired by music’s ability to make us feel good the Crown Music Extension collection was created. Having hair that you love instantly changes your mood just like hearing your favorite song. Jazz up your hair with the crown music collection today.

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