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We’ve been in business over 10 years making us the perfect choice because we are full of experience and skill. We’ve served over 25,000 clients and counting. Whether you need help with your hair or help building and starting a business contact us immediately.


Our Specialty techniques and knowledge will change your life. We offer VIP coaching, hands on training workshops, masterclasses and boot camps. Some of our popular classes include learning how to braid with and without extensions, Wig Making, How to apply Hair Extensions correctly and damage-free, & Dreadlock formation, maintenance, repair and extensions.

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3432 University Ave San Diego

California 92104

United States

Dreadlocks/Fauxlocs Cree (442)888-4495

Barber Ivan (619) 727-1477 (no appointment needed/ text for availability)

Braids CeCe (619) 780-4433

Extensions Jazz (858) 999-5950