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Micro Link Beaded Weft hair Extensions

Mirco Bead wefts are a great old method in the hair extension industry and because of this there are not many salons around offering this service. Rows of weft hair extensions are secured to small sections of your natural hair using silicone lined beads. The silicone lining cushions and protects your natural hair from damage and prevents slippage of the extension. They are ideal for filling in this hair or adding length. All your natural hair is free for versatile styling like ponytails and high buns.


* Weft extensions are great for adding both additional length and volume and they are suitable for nearly all types of hair that are shoulder length and longer.

* Very quick to install and remove. A full head of hair extensions can take about and hour to two hours max.

* The amount of extensions you will need depends on your hair and desired length. On average 1-2 bundles of hair may be used. Most clients are happy with the results they get from using 1 bundle.

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