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How to save money on Protective Styling: Wigs, Weaves & Extensions

I don’t know too many people who are in the mood to style their hair everyday. Sometimes you just want a break from it. Protective styling allows us to take a break and retain our length, however it can be costly to implement because the hair and the labor cost can be expensive.

No one wants to break the bank on a new style even though they want the utmost care for their hair. So when a particular style is out of your budget consider these tips that could help.

DIY - Do It Yourself Natural! If it’s too costly to go to the hairstylist, search on YouTube where there are thousands of videos instructing ladies on how to do box braids, weaves, or even creating your very own wig. You’ll learn from the YouTube gurus who have perfected the style and you get to learn it in different ways.

(Youtube is great if you have hair experienc. If not some of the styles may take longer than expect or you may not get it right the first try.)

Synthetic Wigs

Pro- It’s inexpensive compared to human hair.

Con-They may not last as long or stand up to wear and tear like the authentic ones will, but they are easy alternatives for a lazy hair day. For the best result remove it as soon as your done using it and be gentle with brushing. Synthetic hair is simil to plastic so the strands will not do well with pulling As it causes crimps in the hair which may invoke tangles later.

Hit Up Cosmetology Schools You can go to cosmetology schools in your area for the students there who are eager to do your hair. It’s low cost to you and you’ll get help with your hair. Keep in mind these students are new to styling hair so dont try to be to picky. Try something simple and remember its lower cost for a reason. The students are learning so make sure you have the right expectations when going in to the beauty school for service.

Shop Online You really need to consider buying hair online. This is more of a time saver than anything. Sometimes the beauty supply does not have what your look for. You can visit my online human hair store here

If you don’t know what to look for I’m happy to make recommendations or help you with your hair order.

Call A Friend If you have a really good friend or your friend knows someone who can do protective styles really well, call them up and ask for a favor. It’s always good to have a plan B if your short on cash or if your stylist is booked. As a professional I get my hair styled by friends and professionals. The difference is experience, cost and settin. For example I’ll let a friend or family member do a braid base so I can put my wig on (my go to lazy style). But when I need my hair pressed I will go to my stylis. She is experienced and I trust her process with my hair. When letting your friends do your hair consider the necessary skill level and what you’re wanting to get done. In a nutshell leave tge chemical styles and advance hair extension styles to the experts.

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