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3432 University Ave San Diego

California 92104

United States

Dreadlocks/Fauxlocs Cree (442)888-4495

Barber Ivan (619) 727-1477 (no appointment needed/ text for availability)

Braids CeCe (619) 780-4433

Extensions Jazz (858) 999-5950


The King’s Barbershop &

Jazz'd Up


Providing good looking hair, no matter what.

Jazz up your hair, Jazz up your life.




Healthy hair rocks!

The Jazz’d Up Haircare Guide Hair by Jazzmin Austin 


This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about hair! Learn all the details about growing and maintaining healthy hair, haircolor, hair extensions and more.

Jazz'd Up Haircare Guide: 5 Ways to achieving longer,stronger and healthier hair


We are highly recommended

We’re not the only ones who will think you’ll love what we have to offer. We have hundreds of amazing 5 star reviews between Yelp, Google and Styleseat.


Li Rangel

Love this place, great vibes, great people, and great services. I came in to do some maintenance and to add more dreads and Cree the Dread Queen really took care of me

Jazzmin was very professional and sweet. She taught me how to braid and was very patient and helpful. She is great at what she does and I highly recommend her!

Sonia Cuevas

Have been coming to Jazz for awhile now! She's great! Quick weaves but it doesn't take away from the quality! Would definitely recommend!